benjamin taylor//

//I’m a natural entrepreneur, and co-founder of Design Consultancy; My portfolio ranges from machine layouts to cutting edge exercise systems, and I’m experienced in anything from Graphics and Product Design to Engineering and User Experience.

I enjoy improving the experience people have with the products we design. Understanding user needs at a human level, and applying the design process to this, allows me to create products that are accessible, functional and desirable.

I’ve won various national awards for my design work, I am endorsed by the iED (Institute of Engineering Designers), and have accumulated years of Design Engineering background. I aim to create solutions that are useful and functional in every aspect as well as applying design thinking to any form of creative process.

In 2016 I joined British American Tobacco – a FTSE100 company, where I helped to develop new technologies as a prototype designer - in a challenging role creating new alternatives for smokers. I have since progressed into a Product Developer role, where I work on progressing THP technologies for the future of the tobacco and nicotine industry.